Project NCARE

Project Overview

Project NCARE (National Clinicians' Assessment of Relationship Experiences) is a nationally representative survey of mental health professionals being conducted at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Previous clinical studies often rely on case reports published by clinicians, and work groups affiliated with professional organizations in order to assess therapeutic treatment approaches and diagnostic criteria. While this is a useful practice, clinicians who are not publishing, and not highly involved with national professional groups can occasionally be overlooked. Likewise, diagnostic guidelines and treatment criteria produced by such organizations don't necessarily translate to clinicians working directly with clients

In contrast, the goal of the project is to understand how professionals working "on the ground" in fields related to mental health and psychological well-being understand and assess challenging interpersonal relationship problems, regardless of their level of publication activity. Special attention is paid to issues related to sexuality within relationships, but all clinicians, regardless of specialty or specific field, are eligible to participate.

Participants for Project NCARE are chosen at random via nationally representative sampling using the Psychology Today "Find a Therapist" search engine, in order to approximate a real internet search done by a potential client living in the United States.

Project Contact

Sam Hughes

Project Director