Kiana Namaki

Kiana sees a link between social justice, scholarship, and activism and the practice and pursuit of clinical psychology that must be informed by quality research. She feels the current field of psychology has burgeoning potential to provide adequate literature and resources for sexual minorities and the LGBTQ+ community while examining the intersections of race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, social class, and nationality. Kiana has dedicated herself to independent research on trans identity and experience in Iran allowing for an understanding of ethnic, cultural, and queer identity through an international, psychological, and activist lens. This has also allowed the opportunity to compare the American and Iranian psychiatric processes and to examine two distinctly different approaches to the political and legal autonomy of LGBTQ+ individuals in each country. Through her interdisciplinary approach to psychology, she has determined it is critically important to examine and address the unique and complex experiences of populations that are often ignored or disadvantaged within the medical field in general and psychology in particular. Kiana’s interests in psychology and feminist studies are rooted in a commitment to serve others and enact positive change through research and clinical practice.

Kiana is set to receive her B.A.s in Intensive Psychology and Feminist Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz in the Spring of 2018.