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Runaways & Throwaways: LGB Youth and Risk of Homelessness

By Richard Clark

“LGBTQ youth experience homelessness at rates that are disproportionate to their heterosexual and cisgender peers. They make up an estimated 20% of the homeless youth population while they at most constitute 10% the larger population of youth. These young people often face discrimination, mental health problems, and physical and sexual abuse in their family homes. They often choose to run away from these toxic environments, or alternatively they are thrown out by unaccepting parents. Upon leaving their homes they are left to fend for themselves, at risk for drug use, compromised health, and even suicide. What can be done to better assist this community and prevent homelessness among LGBTQ youth?”

Faith, Sexuality & Facebook

By Richard Clark

“Over the last two decades, the conflict between organized religion and the LGBTQ community has been well documented in media coverage. This conflict is complex, holding real implications for the rights and realities of many people in the US. Yet, with the media constantly pitting the two against each other, rarely do we consider what it is like for this conflict to take place inside of one person. Rarely do we ask what it means to be both religious and LGBTQ and how social media might play a role in resolving this potential conflict.”


“So I started working the streets…”: Transgender Women of Color Discuss Experiences with Sex Work

by Richard Clark

“Transgender women of color are severely discriminated against on multiple fronts. This discrimination manifests in different ways, from violent attacks on their bodies to homelessness and unemployment. These women are often turned away and made invisible in mainstream society unless they align with normative societal standards of beauty. Because many of these women are discriminated against in the work force, they turn to sex work for survival…”

Lean on Me: Bisexual and Gay Men Depend More on Peers Than Family for Major Support

by Elliot Cohen

“Mental health distress is more prevalent for lesbian, gay, and bisexual people than for their heterosexual peers. Among a list of the mental health distress rates that are higher for the LGB community, the American Psychological Association website states “studies find: higher rates of major depression, generalized anxiety disorder and substance use or dependence in lesbian and gay youth”. This is due to increased levels of stress caused by stigma and discrimination. However, social support, or the feeling of being cared for by one’s social network, can protect against the negative health consequences that this additional stress can cause for sexual minorities…”

Masc4Masc:Internalized Homophobia in Gay Men

by Richard Clark

“Why do you have to be so gay?” … “I’m gay, but I’m not a stereotype.” … “Stop being so flamboyant!” Whether directed at others or coming from themselves, comments like these are present in the gay community. These statements appear meaningless and unimportant, but they have a dark origin. One of the root causes of these off-handed or derogatory comments is internalized homophobia. Internalized homophobia is when a gay man begins to view this identity negatively after being exposed to anti-gay sentiments in society. This causes the individual to have a poor sense of self-worth, along with other internal struggles…”